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Below the stakeholders and members of the China shiprecycling network are listed. For more information on each of the stakeholder and members, please visit the respective section on the Chinese homepage:

 List of stakeholders or members of the network events:

 1)          Ministry of Transportation of China

2)          Ministry of Environmental Protection of China

3)          National Development and Reform Committee of China

4)          Ministry of Industry and Information technology of China

5)          Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of MEP

6)          China shiprecycling association

7)          Local waste authorities in the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu ahd Liaoning and city of Tianjin

8)          Local labor safety authorities in the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu ahd Liaoning and city of Tianjin

9)          Various universities and research institutes that conducting projects related to shiprecycling

10)      China Classification Society

11)      Various waste disposal companies that are receiving hazardous wastes generated from shiprecycling

12)      Various prooduction companies (e.g. steel companies) that are receiving secondary materials generated from shiprecycling

13)      Jiangmen Xinhui Shuangshui Shipbreaking & Steel Co., Ltd

14)      Jiangmen Zhongxin Shipbreaking & Steel Co.,Ltd

15)      Jiangmen Yinhu Shipbreaking Co., Ltd

16)      ZhangjiagangWuyouShipbreakingRecycling Co.,Ltd.

17)      Jiangsu Suwu Shipbreaking Co., Ltd

18)      JingJiang Dunfeng ShipbreakingCo., Ltd

19)      Jinjiang Xinmin Shipbreaking Co., Ltd

20)      Changjiang Ship-Recycling Yard

21)      Zhejiang Jintai Shipbreaking Co.,Ltd

22)      Taizhou Sanfu Ship Engineering Co., Ltd

23)      Zhejiang Hongying Shipbreaking Co.,Ltd

24)      Zhejiang Fusen Ship Industrial Co., Ltd

25)      Zhou Shan Chang Hong International Shipyard Co.,Ltd

26)      Taizhou Port Shipping Co., Ltd.

27)      Fujian Mimdong Saiqi Economic Development Zone Shenyin Shipping Engineering Co.,Ltd

28)      Mindong Congmao Ship Industrial Co., Ltd

29)      Xiapu Hongchang Disassembling Ships Co,. Ltd

30)      Fujian Saijiang Shipping Dismantlement Co.,Ltd

31)      Fuan Shunjiang Ship Co., Ltd.

32)      Fujian Province Yihe Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

33)      Tianjin Tianma Shipbreaking Co. Ltd

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