Shiprec EU-CHINA
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Stakeholder meetings

Roundtable of the NGO Shipbreaking Platform on “Ship Recycling in China” in Brussels in December 2015

On 1 December 2015 BOKU participated in a round table on ship recycling in China organised by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform in Brussels. More than a dozen stakeholder with experiences with ship recycling in China, ranging from ISRA (International Ship Recycling Association) to experts from the European Commission, discussed the current situation in China as well as possible implications of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation on the Chinese ship recycling sector. BOKU presented the ship_rec project and gave an insight into challenges related to waste management in ship recycling in China.


Stakeholder meetings in Brussels, Delft and Rotterdam in May 2015

Following a meeting in Brussels, BOKU used the opportunity to meet several stakeholder that are involved in the ship recycling issue. In Brussels BOKU met Invild Jensson from the NGO Shipbreaking Platform ( to discuss current developments in ship recycling in China as the NGO Shipbreaking Platform is presently working on a report with focus on China. As the meeting took place just weeks after the 1st ship_rec stakeholder workshop in April, BOKU could provide an insight into the current difficulties Chinese ship recyclers are facing.

With the Netherlands being near by, BOKU also visited the TU Delft to exchange experiences with the ongoing Green Ship Recycling Project that is also in cooperation with Chinese ship recyclers and ISRA – the International Ship Recycling Association to share views on the Waste List developed by the ship_rec project.


Stakeholder meeting in Brussels, February 2014

BOKU as project coordinator was contacted by several stakeholders relevant in ship breaking. On 27 February 2014 DG Environment invited BOKU to Brussels to participate in a stakeholder meeting dealing with the requirements ship recycling facilities have to meet according to the new EU Ship Recycling Regulation in order to be included in the list of authorized ship recycling facilities. Prior to this meeting BOKU used the opportunity to meet three important stakeholders on: in a first meeting the ship_rec project and potential collaborations were discussed with representatives of ISRA (International Ship Recycling Association) and Sea2Cradle (an organisation that conducts independent inspections of ship recycling). In a second meeting collaborations were discussed with the classification society DNV GL.

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