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Project Partners

Institute of Waste Management

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, AUSTRIA


abflogo_neu_horzontal300The Institute of Waste Management has more than 20 years of experience in developing   innovative programs, methods, and procedures for the closing of natural and anthropogenic cycles, proper low-emission treatment of waste materials, monitoring and remediation of environmental damages and sustainable integration of ultimately landfilled waste materials in the cultural landscape. Since 2006 it is also active in China and has successfully completed several project and is currently involved in two other projects besides the EU-China Shiprecycling Project (REWIN – Improving resource efficiency for the production and recycling of electronic products by adoption of waste tracking system, Project CFL – China Fluorescent Lamps collection and treatment demonstration project).

Project experts:

  • Mr Roland RAMUSCH
  • Ms Margarethe STAUDNER
  • Mr Stefan SALHOFER
  • Mr Benjamin STEUER

National Solid Waste Management Centre of China 

NSWMCNSWMC was expanded in 2013 by merging the formal MEP’s Solid Waste Management Centre and the formal MEP’s Chemical Registration Centre. It is a public institute directly under the responsibility of MEP and its mission is to support MEP in policy making and to implement MEP policies on waste and chemical management.

Project expert: Mr LUO Qingming




Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture BUCEA


Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture BUCEA is a public high education and research institute with the mission of improving urban sustainability. Its environmental programme, established 20 years ago, covers various environmental issues, climate change and policies and enforcements.

Project expert: Mr ZHANG Mingshun





China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization

CARCUCARCU, established in 1995, is a national industrial association with the mission of boosting resource utilization efficiency, conserving energy, protecting the environment, harmonizing economic,  environmental and social benefits and pushing forward the sustainable social and economic development of China.

Project expert: Mr MA Hongchang

Associated Partners

  • Chinese National  Ship Recycling Association
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection of P.R. China
  • Jiangsu Provincial Solid Waste Management Centre
  • Guangdong  Provincial Solid Waste Management Centre
This project is funded by the European Union. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.