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Stakeholder workshops

2nd Stakeholder Workshop and Training, 20 November 2015

DSC04208 The 2nd stakeholder workshop & training took place in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, which was attended by more than 30 people. The workshop focused on the upcoming sustainability assessment for Chinese ship recycling facilities as well as on the requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. During the workshop, a draft Checklist for Sustainability Assessment was presented and comments and suggestions from Chinese ship recyclers gathered. Further, a quick survey among the present ship recyclers was conducted in order to learn about the economic situation of the Chinese ship recycling sector. The result revealed that in 2013 ship recyclers were running at capacities between 70 and 35%, whereas in 2015 it was as low as between 50 and 10%. Also all ship recyclers replied that they are planning to apply for the EU List of ship recylcling facilities located in third countries.

Programm of the 2nd stakeholder workshop in Guangzhou, China

  • 09:00 Opening -  Welcome speech by Mr. Qinming LUO (NSWMC) and brief introduction to the project by Mr. Roland RAMUSCH (BOKU)
  • 09:30 Challenges and opportunities of sustainability assessment by Roland RAMUSCH (BOKU)
  • 10:00 Checklist for sustainability assessment and Waste management by Margarethe STAUDNER (BOKU)
  • 11:00 Coffee & tea
  •  11:15 Update importing of end-of-life ships by Mr. Liu Gang (NSWMC)
  •  11:45 Green Ship recycling by Ms. Chenping HUANG (DNV-GL)
  •  12:20 Questions and discussions
  •  12:30 Lunch
  •  13:30 HW management and new codes of HW of China by Mr. JING Xiaoqin (NSWMC)
  •  14:10 The Hong Kong Convention and environmental management of shiprecycling by Mr. CHEN Jiejun (CCS: China Classification Society)
  •  14:50 Coffee & tea
  •  15:10 HW management in Veolia by Mr. Sihai Gu (Huizhou Dongjiang Veolia Environmental Services Co., Lt)
  •  15:50 Pre-cleaning, TPIS and s-WTS by Mr. ZHANG Mingshun (BUCEA)
  •  16:30 Closure


1st Stakeholder Workshop and Training, 14 April 2015

StakeholderWorkshop The first stakeholder workshop of the ship_rec project took place at Hotel Nikko Wuxi in Wuxi, China. Around 30 stakeholders – ranging from ship recyclers, to members of the local solid waste management centers and members of the Ministry of Environmental Protection – participated in the workshop.Within the workshop, the participants were given an overview of the current developments on EU level concerning the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. Further, emphasis was put on the issue of the correct classification of wastes from ship recycling as well as on the downstream waste management. Also, Prof. Zhang Minshun presented the s-WTS – one of the major outcomes of the ship_rec project – which will facilitate the tracking of type, amount and fate of hazardous wastes. The programme of the workshop is shown below, together with the links to the presentations.


Programme of the 1st Stakeholder Workshop in Wuxi, China

  • 09:30 Opening – Welcome speech by NSWMC, Brief introduction to ship-rec, Mr. Roland Ramusch (BOKU)
  • 10:00 (1) latest Hazmat Statistics for ships, (2) EU ship recycling statistics and (3) How to comply to EU Ship Recycling Regulation, Mr.Gerhard Aulbert (DNV-GL)
  • 11:00 Update Importing of end-of-life ships, Mr. Xiaofeng Lan (NSWMC)
  • 11:40 Q&A
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Waste list and performance assessment of ship recycling, Ms.Margarethe Staudner and Mr. Roland Ramusch (BOKU)
  • 15:00 The Hong Kong Convention and environmental management of ship recycling, Mr. Chen Jiejun (China Classification Society)
  • 15:50 Ship-rec information system, Prof. Zhang Minshun (BUCEA)
  • 16:30 Pre-cleaning and TPIS, Prof. Zhang Mingshun (BUCEA p.p.CARCU)
  • 17:00 Closure


Download of the presentations:

1. Introduction to ship-rec, Mr. Roland Ramusch (BOKU)
2. Green ship recycling, Mr. Gerhard Aulbert (DNV-GL)
3. Importing of end-of-life ships, Mr. Xiaofeng Lan (NSWMC) – not in English available
4. EU Ship Recycling Regulation and waste management, Ms. Margarethe Staudner (BOKU)
5. Performance assessment in ship recycling, Mr. Roland Ramusch (BOKU)
6. The Hong Kong Convention and environmental management of ship recycling, Mr. Chen Jiejun (China Classification Society)
7. User manual for the waste tracking system for ship recyclers (s-WTS), Prof. Zhang Minshun (BUCEA)
8. Pre-cleaning technologies and Third Party Inspection of green ship-dismantling, Prof. Zhang Mingshun (BUCEA p.p. CARCU)

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